" My photography has taken me to Hawaii, California, Morocco, Costa Rica, Iceland and more...I couldn't be more grateful "


Nice to meet you! I'm  Meg a freelance photographer based in Cornwall, UK. 

I have a huge love for the ocean. My photography has taken me to many beautiful places around the world  but of course my favourites still lie here in Cornwall.

I grew up with a strong love for swimming, after studying a degree in Fashion Photography I went on to marry the two together and pursue my goal to become a surf/In-water photographer. 

1 year after University, Photography became my full time job. Becoming freelance is and has been so rewarding, I absolutely love working and meeting such amazing people everyday. So far I have been lucky enough to work for Roxy, Landrover, Surf Girl Magazine, Surf Sistas... cant wait to see who's next.

It's so lovely to meet you on here, 

all the very best 



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Megan Hemsworth Photography