• Megan Hemsworth

Abby Stewart :: Golden Girl

Everyone meet Abby::Stewart

Abby can be found gracing the oceans in North Cornwall. I met Abby a few years ago, her beaming spirit and wise mind will always blow me away.

She performs a dance of grace on the water and what a morning to capture it. The sun shone bright and golden as we watched it peer over the headland at a beach we so love. It was just us and the cows in the far fields embracing all the sea had for us that morning.

The water lit up like a mirror of flames yet the air was crisp and cold, a beautiful juxtaposition of nature.

We set our alarms and met in the dark car park at 4:30am, eager to get in we embarked on what would be my favourite shoot of 2020. Everything about that morning is what I call HEAVEN; shooting a friend I adore in clean small waves with Cornwall best backdrop and a sunrise that could bling you.

Thankyou for being a golden girl Abby

all the best



Insta: @goldenfidget

camera: Nikon D810

Time: 4:30am

Location: North Cornwall

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